Catching a Quick Breeze While Taking in the Stunning Views of Crater Lake

We loaded up our new to us “1976 Dreamer” truck camper and decided to take an inland route to visit some family in California. It had been over a decade since I had visited the stunning Crater Lake National Park. The last time I was on a motorcycle trip over a long Labor Day weekend and it was far too cold to be comfortable and unfortunately had to rush the experience.

This trip was far more enjoyable in the comfort of our truck and camper we were able to take in the beauty and savor the views from all the different vantage points around the lake.

I simply couldn’t resist the relatively steady mountain winds blowing in from the west at the Wizard Hat Island overlook. In addition to my own joy and sense of connection to nature I get from flying kites I was rewarded with the delighted expressions of onlookers and a few friendly conversations, a great time to mention the ease of use and portability of one of my “every day carry” kites Prims Bora 7!!

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